Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Christmas is in one week. All of our shopping is done--except for the big present that we aren't getting until the spring anyway. The tree is decorated. There is a wreath in the window. Lights are up..inside anyway.

And there is snow. Lots and lots of snow! Now I did not grow up with snow. I am a snow scrooge. But my kidlets love it! LOVE IT! ET can stay outside for hours throwing snowballs at everything, sisters included. Target practice usually forces the girls inside, but without ET they, too, can stay outside for hours.

I feel like life is flying by! In one week, it'll be Christmas. Then a new year. Then my baby will be 2 years old. Then my oldest turns 6! And on and on and on. New baby, more school, new school.

So I am taking these next three weeks to enjoy my life as it is right now. Sure I will do some sewing and some cleaning (and of course, blogging) but I will also do a lot of playing (probably not in the snow) and just spending time with my family.

So thanks you to all the people who make my life better. Thank you to the man who brought our Christmas tree home so hubby didn't have to figure out how to tie it on the car. Thanks to all the people who teach my children. Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday, especially Clea who called and sang me happy birthday. Thanks to all my blog buddies for giving me a laugh or insight each day. But mostly thanks to my family and friends who make it all worthwhile. And my hubby who has to deal with his pregnant wife for the fourth time!


Don Mills Diva said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Erin!

Shaunee said...

Happy birthday yesterday! I hope you enjoy the next week. I swear it goes faster and faster every year. Look for our Christmas card in the mail!!

Christie said...

I'm supposed to wish you a happy belated birthday. You sister made me do it. Hope you're feeling better too.

Rhonda Barnes said...

Happy Happy Birthday....sorry I didn't call I have been snowed under with the Christmas gift ya and appreciate how a great mom you are to my grandkids and a great wife to my son!!! Hope your day was great Rhonda