Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick and Tired...and Freezing

We did so well at not getting sick in 2012, which was especially helpful since we used all our Flex money on hubby's Lasik in January.  But this year is starting out much differently!  The boy has strep, and the girls all have tummy-aches.  And I am tired of all the sickness and the crankiness that comes with it!  Oh and did I mention it has been beyond cold here?  Like -5 degrees overnight temps cold.  Like no one goes outside unless they absolutely have to---you know like to take kids to the dr or pick up meds.  So I am freezing all the time, my feet and hands are cracking and I am exhausted.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about Munchkin's 6th birthday parties.  Tonight, I go to sleep!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New...Me?

I am going to try and do better about posting on the ole bloggity blog.  Today, we did some stuff, but it really feels like we did absolutely nothing!  I made cinnamon rolls this morning, then we snacked the rest of the day.  Summer sausage, cheese and crackers, cream cheese chili dip with chips, and root beer floats.  Homemade bread from someone in our stake, with butter and jam. And lots of popcorn.  Is it any wonder two of our kids aren't feeling so well this evening?!

Hubby and I went to see Les Mis this afternoon.  It was just fantastic.  I have a list of movies we need to buy in my head.  This one is definitely on it...along with Hotel Transylvania, which we took the kids to see two weeks ago--so funny:  blah, blah, blah.

We ended the night with a little shopping trip and shoveling the giant ice mass off of the entry to our street. It's gotten so bad that you have to gun the car to get it over the ice and then try hard not to slide into anything once you get over the ice!  So I think we got it a little better.  If the sun comes out tomorrow, we'll try to finish it--or a path at least.

The Christmas stuff is mostly put away, the house is a wreck from the kids being home, but I got rid of a chore I hate!  The boy told us he would rather load the dishwasher than unload it.  So the girls take turns putting the dishes away and the boy loads it without complaint!  It's fantastic!!

Here to a great new year!