Saturday, July 31, 2010

Party Time!

We have been to more wedding receptions/open houses this summer than most of our married life. (Well, I guess if you don't count siblings.) The kids get all excited for a party! So we put on party clothes and fix their hair up nice...and hubby and I hope that the cuteness of the kids will overshadow the exhaustion of their parents!

We went to an Owls game last week, where Munchkin met her new best friend. And that best friend's son got married yesterday. So Munchkin got to see her best friend again. She was so excited. It was a great reception. Good people, good food. I mean really---they had ice cream sundaes for everyone!

The kids had a blast. Munchkin hung out with Kim, Thumbelina watched the wedding video, the Boy ate and ate, and Squirt just wanted to walk around--so hubby had to stroll her. The boy wanted to wear one of hubby's ties so he dressed all up. We get to party again tonight. I love parties--I don't have to make dinner!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Much Ado About Squirt

We all have so much fun with Squirt. She is so funny and wants in on the action all the time. She hates being left out.

The kids laying in the hallway under the swamp cooler after jumping on the tramp. Squirt right there with them.
She joined them in the slip n slide. She never did slide much but she sat in the little pool at the end and let the water spray her. Super easy to make dinner without her under foot begging for food!
Super full diaper! This one probably weighs at least 5 pounds. But at least she has somewhere cushy, although soggy, to land when she falls down.
And somehow, from all that fun, she ended up with her first (??) black eye.

She has no trouble getting around now. She is currently working on climbing on the couch.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Helpful

If you have the time...

The Real Karate Kid

The boy went to Karate Camp #2--Bo Staff Camp. He loves camp and he does so well learning everything so he can get a new belt. He is now a brown/yellow belt. (He is the second kid in.)

It's almost serene...until the last jab!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Too Hot To Blog

Our swamp cooler is broken. It is sooooooo HOT! So we've been spending lots of time in the sprinklers.
Hot enough for two water cups:
Curly sue hair. I love this because I can have a whole day (or two) of bunnies (mini buns all over her head) and then curly poof for a day.
The kids keep kidnapping Squirt to the playroom. You can't really see but the boy built her a couch cushion fort---just for her! She likes it down there for a while which is nice because I can get some things done without her "help"---like sweeping the floor and loading the dishwasher.

The boy told me he doesn't want to get married because he doesn't "really like kissing." I didn't bother telling him that would change. I'll take it for now.
The other day we were walking home from the park and Thumbelina was tired. "Good thing it's only one more blog until we are home," she said. She meant block but it was so funny.
Munchkin is so funny. We went to an Owls game and she had Hubby's co-worker play her back like a piano and tickle her. Thanks Kim! Now she is Munchkin's new best friend.
Squirt is a walking fool! You can always tell when she's tired because she falls a lot more. But she hardly ever crawls anymore. If she falls, she just gets back up and starts walking again.
Hubby is short a guy at work this week so we might get to see him on Saturday.
The guy is supposed to come and fix the swamp cooler today. So maybe we won't die. The guy came on Friday and figured out what was wrong but couldn't get new parts because of Pioneer Day. He asked if we would be okay until Monday. Then he said if we died, he would get someone to break the door down so he could fix it so the next people wouldn't die. What a great guy! I am trying to make meals that don't require the oven, so we don't melt. NEED MORE ICE CREAM!!!
I'll be back later with a great video of Squirt.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freedom of Expression

We went to the 4 of July Parade--which was actually held on the 5th. We watched the pre-parade because the boy was walking with his Karate school. We stood on the edge of the street and cheered for him. Once he had gone by, we paid little attention to anything parade-wise.
Mainly because Munchkin had found a little platform and spent the rest of our time there entertaining us.

"Introducing the famous Munchkin!" Followed by a dance. Over and over.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Now We're Cooking

I have been trying to be organized this summer. You know have a movie day, a library day, a whatever day. We wrote cooking day and sewing day on the calendar but so far those have only been whatever days. We did manage one cooking day and they proudly wore their aprons for most of the day. Even though all we made were muffins.

You'll notice we did not have a do-your-hair or a be-dressed requirement. But the muffins were tasty and all gone by dinner-time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Squirt does everything at her own pace but when she wants to do something---she will do it over and over until she gets it!

And about a week later:

Crawling is still so much faster.

Friday, July 9, 2010

One Down

I have a problem. I have a million and a half projects in various stages of being finished. But instead of finishing those...I start a new one. But I am all done with one and just have to make the straps on the other two. Let me present...

The boy's scripture bag.

I cheated on the handles. I just cut the straps off of his mangled Kindergarten backpack and sewed them right on. I think it makes it look more manly...well, that and the camo and the skull fabric that it's lined with.

Working on Her Wave

This little girl is destined to be in pageants. Anytime she hears her name, she waves. If she gets really excited, she'll stick her arm all the way out and wave really slow. Smiling all the while.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This summer I have been trying to come up with things for the kids to do. Things to keep us from going crazy. Things that don't involve television or computer. There is a Mall quite close to us. So somedays, we pack Squirt into the stroller (and Munchkin after about a block) and walk to the Mall to play at the kid's place. I think it is about a mile walk each way. The kids do great with the long as they are wearing shoes that fit them.

Munchkin loves to climb.
Squirt prefers to be eaten alive.
Aside from the dino skeleton, they also have a treehouse with a slide. That is where Thumbelina spends most of her time.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy Unprepared

The boy has had a loose tooth for a few weeks. I kept telling hubby we should just get something so we'd already have his prize when his tooth finally fell out. But we kept forgetting. Then, yesterday, he asked me to pull his tooth out. A bit of thread and a couple of tugs and he had a tooth to put in the tooth fairy pillow.

The only problem with this? Yesterday was the observed Independence holiday. Stores closed all over! So hubby went to the gas station and came home with a bunch of candy. (pretty ridiculous if you think about it!)

Good thing the 'Tooth Fairy' left a note reminding him to keep up his oral hygiene and to share!

He is always so excited to hear from the Tooth Fairy.