Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Only the cool kids get stitches...

The Boy was doing dishes and sliced his wrist on a knife that he loaded the wrong way in the dishwasher.  So I did what any mom would do--wrapped it in a pantyliner and pad and took him to instacare.  Now he has a gnarly scar---another one...

Then 9 months later, Thumbelina was loading the dishwasher and cut her finger on a knife in the sink.  So off we went to instacare.  Thumbelina hates shots.  She screams and thrashes during flu shots.  I don't know why I volunteered to take her to instacare!!  The doctor explained everything to her and she seemed ok with it...until they got ready to numb up her finger with a couple of shots.  She screamed bloody murder!
"They're killing me!"

"They're gonna take a hammer and smash it!"

"Somebody help me! They're gonna kill me!"

"They're gonna crack it open and kill me!"

"I just wanna die and never come back to life!"

All things she screamed while they were giving her shots.  

But four stitches later, she was fine and ready to go home. Two of the stitches fell out before the ten days.

If these kids think some stitches are getting them out of doing dishes--they are so wrong!!!