Friday, August 27, 2010

The Month of Birthday Parties

Thumbelina has a summer birthday. Not just a summer birthday but a 2 weeks before school starts summer birthday. So that I am focused on getting everything ready for school and not focused on a birthday party. So we had decided that we would have a small family party on her actual birthday, a bigger family party at Gma/Gpa Washington's, and then a friend party after school started.

(I know I am crazy!)

Now...I am too tired to think about a friend party because I really want to do a carnival theme. So I talked her into having her friend birthday party next year--maybe at the beginning of the summer. But we never really got her any presents aside from long dresses that she desperately needed for church anyway.

So we threw her a bigger family party. We took the family to the movies and saw How to Train Your Dragon. With popcorn and drinks and Thumbelina got her very own Icee. Most of the popcorn ended up on the floor and the boy's bladder was about to explode by the time it was over. Then we let her pick an ice cream cake. She got flowers and presents and cake and got to blow out her 3rd set of candles this year!

We got her a bunch of books and a pettiskirt and a paper doll book, in addition to the Chixo's from Gma/Gpa Idaho, barbies from Gma/Gpa Washington and Jeremy/Natalie and the girls, and an outfit and hair flowers from Shauna and Co. It seems like her birthday always gets dragged out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

School's BACK!

The kids were so excited for school yesterday. Well, Munchkin just wanted her picture taken.

Thumbelina is probably more excited for all her new clothes, while the boy is more excited for playing with friends at recess.

I am most excited to be able to run errands with only 2 kids!

Monday, August 23, 2010


It feels so good to sleep in my own bed after 10 nights of futons and air matresses and kids waking up all night long!

Now I just have to do all the laundry and try to get back in the groove of life.

Oh yeah, and do all the back-to-school shopping I have been putting off all summer!

And plan Thumbelina's friend birthday party, which-hopefully- I can reuse for another kid later!

In other big news---We turned Squirt's bed around so she is no longer caged in. She fell out twice last night. She'll get it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Big Milestone

Squirt hit a big milestone yesterday. Her first pigtails! She totally wins at almost 15 months.

Thumbelina got there at 18 months.

And Munchkin is dead last at 23 months.
Squirt was less than thrilled when I put them in, but miracle of miracles, she left them in all day. Maybe this means she will leave her clip in at church this week.

Probably not.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Brown with and Orange Stripe

The boy finished his last Karate Camp this morning. He is doing so well. He stays so focused and works hard. I just hope he's that way at school too!

Here are two of his sword forms that he learned this week.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Fun--The beginning...

Thumbelina is SIX! She helped pick the design for her birthday shirt. It says 'six' at the bottom.

We let her open one of her presents on Sunday so she could wear it to church.

LONG DRESSES!!! I was so excited to find some long ones that won't be too short in a few months! And she loves it. It's her new favorite dress.

She wanted strawberry shortcake for her birthday. With pink cream. So I mixed jello with the whipped cream.

Make a wish!

Her other present--this one is a bit too long! But she loves it too.
After she opened it, she said, "Just two presents and no toys?!" We are having a party for her when we go and visit hubby's family in a little over a week, so our little family one was very low key. And she wants to have a friend party but I told her she should wait until after school starts so she can invite school friends. ( I am thinking we will do a backyard carnival if we can get enough adults to help man the booths.)

Happy birthday big girl! I can't believe she's six--but in some ways, I can't believe she's ONLY six.

Monday, August 2, 2010

For Kim

Munchkin at almost 2 years old.