Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Fun--The beginning...

Thumbelina is SIX! She helped pick the design for her birthday shirt. It says 'six' at the bottom.

We let her open one of her presents on Sunday so she could wear it to church.

LONG DRESSES!!! I was so excited to find some long ones that won't be too short in a few months! And she loves it. It's her new favorite dress.

She wanted strawberry shortcake for her birthday. With pink cream. So I mixed jello with the whipped cream.

Make a wish!

Her other present--this one is a bit too long! But she loves it too.
After she opened it, she said, "Just two presents and no toys?!" We are having a party for her when we go and visit hubby's family in a little over a week, so our little family one was very low key. And she wants to have a friend party but I told her she should wait until after school starts so she can invite school friends. ( I am thinking we will do a backyard carnival if we can get enough adults to help man the booths.)

Happy birthday big girl! I can't believe she's six--but in some ways, I can't believe she's ONLY six.

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