Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Can't Believe I Have a 9 Year Old

One who loves pink and doesn't want his hair cut. But one that is a super helper and very sweet.
The birthday celebrations were not documented (at all) since we are slacker parents. But he did get a small friend party-3 friends and all I had to do was provide pizza, candy and slime. They took care of the rest. You know, with wrestling and video games. He got a ton of presents from us--about half of them before his birthday. (I love after Christmas clearance sales!!) Boring things like a new coat, okay things like a new karate sweatshirt, and fun things like a new scooter and a pogo stick. Plus an ipod, headphones, books and pink ties and shirts. He is so responsible sometimes. He's saving his money for an ipod touch. 9 is different than whe I was growing up. Love you kid!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The 2 Weeks of Valentines

I love an excuse to celebrate. Valentines Day is a great excuse! So we started the month with the annual Valentines shirts for the kids:

Squirt LOVES Minnie Mouse. So her shirt had to have at least a nod to Miss Minnie.
Munchkin is the gumball queen. I was so happy when I found this shirt online, and the felt buttons she used as well!

Thumbelina is always tricky! She loves the shirt until she has to put it on. The last two years, she has worn her Valentines shirt on Valentines Day but never again! But she picked this design and hopefully will want to wear it again.

The boy is so funny! Pink is his favorite color, but he is all boy. So I found the inspiration for this shirt on Etsy, and pinked it up a bit for him. He loves it!

Then, I finally got around to vinylizing the mailboxes I bought them last year. And I came up with 14 little Valentines to put in them every day.

I am missing some pictures but they did have 14 different cheesy Valentines:

And the day before Valentines (since hubby could get off early and not on Tuesday), we gave the kids roller skates and took them skating. I didn't bring the camera but here are all the skates lined up in the garage. They all love practicing skating. Hubby and I have to clean out the garage tomorrow so they have room when it's really cold.

It was really fun to have them so excited about it all. Up next: St. Patricks Day!

Munchkin Catch-Up

This little girl turned 5! She requested donuts for breakfast

Then, she insisted on decorating her own cake--or cupcake flower.

Squirt got to them before I could get a picture!

Presents!! She got a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop toys.

And a hat from Grandma and Grandpa

And $10 from my uncle and $10 from her other grandparents. So she bought an ipod--and Mom and Dad bought headphones. She also got a new scooter, a pirate set, and a few new clothes.

Then a new haircut:

Funny glasses and lip suckers from L Preschool

And she did the impossible...she stopped sucking her thumb!! So we went to Savers and she bought up all the barbies they had! She got 4 dressed barbies, 1 bag of clothes and accessories, and a baby in a tub for $19. The accessories bag contained roller blades, swim fins and a doctor kit. She loves them!
And the dentist is so happy that she's not a thumbsucker anymore. Now if only Thumbelina would quit!

And the Blind Shall See

There's nothing quite like maxing out your flex card for 2012 and then having it all be gone within the first week of January. Awesome! But hubby did get Lasik and now he can see and we don't have to buy glasses for him anymore. And (added bonus) he got to wear these awesome goggles for a week. Just imagine waking up next to this for 7 days...

The boy was pretty bummed for a week or so after because he still has to wear glasses. We made him a deal though. If he is a good candidate for Lasik when he's 18, we'll get it for him before he goes on his mission. That cheered him up a bit but 10 years is a long time!!