Friday, February 17, 2012

Munchkin Catch-Up

This little girl turned 5! She requested donuts for breakfast

Then, she insisted on decorating her own cake--or cupcake flower.

Squirt got to them before I could get a picture!

Presents!! She got a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop toys.

And a hat from Grandma and Grandpa

And $10 from my uncle and $10 from her other grandparents. So she bought an ipod--and Mom and Dad bought headphones. She also got a new scooter, a pirate set, and a few new clothes.

Then a new haircut:

Funny glasses and lip suckers from L Preschool

And she did the impossible...she stopped sucking her thumb!! So we went to Savers and she bought up all the barbies they had! She got 4 dressed barbies, 1 bag of clothes and accessories, and a baby in a tub for $19. The accessories bag contained roller blades, swim fins and a doctor kit. She loves them!
And the dentist is so happy that she's not a thumbsucker anymore. Now if only Thumbelina would quit!

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