Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference with Children

Everyone with a Bingo card and a roll of Smarties...and they did pretty well. No blackouts--not too many mentions of tithing. But they were mostly quiet through the three sessions they watched with us.

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Crazy Kids

For Valentines Day (really a late Christmas present) we got the kids (and us) roller skates. Thumbelina is the best since she's had some old DI skates for a while. But Munchkin is really getting the hang of it and loves to skate. Poor Squirt didn't get any since her feet are too little...and buying that small of skates when there is no chance of passing them on was pretty much out of the question!
At the river. We've been taking picture of the kids here since we started having kids. It's nice to be able to look at old pictures and see them grow up.

Back in the Saddle Again

My sewing machine has been used very little in the last few months. A project here and there. But then, last week, I saw this pin. Which led me to this awesome tutorial. I wanted to make one. So today, I dug out some fabric. She did contrasting fabric on hers but I had two remnants that I bought with no project in mind (my husband loves when I do that!) that I hoped would work for this. I was able to finish both dresses during naptime. The first one is Carebears fabric. Now if you know Squirt, you know she loves her some Carebears! So naturally, she had to pose with her Carebear, and in such a way that you can't really see the dress much! Oh well.

My straps are a little long I think and I didn't have enough fabric to make them full enough for sleeves, but she loves it. I love sewing for 2 year olds! 7 year olds aren't as much fun!

The 50 degree windy day called for leggings and a cardi. She is so very excited to wear it tomorrow after her bath!


Munchkin has started expressing her individuality in her clothing choices.

While Squirt is perfectly content to stay in her PJs all day long.