Friday, October 31, 2008


ET carved a pumpkin...or rather directed Dad as he carved a pumpkin.
Batman--who in all the parades just looked mad.

Tinkerbelle-who cried no less than 7 times while putting on/wearing her costume.
And a giraffe-who's costume was a bit too small.
And all the makeup that I am wishing now I had never put on them!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally Finished

I have had all the fabric and stuff for almost a month. I really was planning on getting this done sooner. But, I think it turned out pretty well for not having a pattern, and just making it up as I went along. I am finally finished...with a whole day to spare!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The New Normal

Things are starting to get back to normal. And I can't be happier!
This morning, I threw up because my stomach was empty. Welcome back normal pregnancy throwing up!

Yesterday, I didn't take any pills because it was 11 am before I realized I hadn't, and I didn't feel too sick.

The kids are experts at entertaining themselves. Without any help from me, they left the TV off until after naps yesterday. But they are back to digging in the dirt. Also a lot of jumping on the beds.

They love to color with the 18 cent crayons and markers I bought before school started.
ET has been wanting to learn to tie his shoes. I showed him one time before school yesterday and he practiced all day. Sometimes he got it, sometimes he didn't--but he kept trying.

Then they took it outside while Munchkin ate Elmo's face.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sure Sign I am Feeling Better

All three kids had their hair done for Church!

With ribbons and everything! Now my hair on the other hand...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Universe,


It's not bad enough that you saddled the pregnant woman with a lifetime of puking in two months, but you had to come after my baby and my daughter?

Then you took out my husband?! SERIOUSLY?!???!

And now my firstborn?!!!


I had this great post in my head yesterday about how we were finally done with all the vomit. Then hubby called from work. Apparently he and a garbage can had a fight and the garbage can stole all his lunch.

Still, I was prepared to look past this latest offense in light of the funny stories of Thumbelina cheating at all the school carnival games. I would have moved past the vomit and posted about that. Really I would have.

Then I was awakened at 3 am by the moans of my son and the horrifying sound of vomit hitting bare floor. I tore out of bed yelling (in my I-have-had-a-sore-throat-for-4-days-and-can't-talk-voice), "Don't move! Stay where you are!!" Poor kid was 6 inches from the garbage can and tossing his cookies all over my kitchen floor and dirty laundry pile. (If that doesn't get the laundry done tomorrow I don't know what else will!)

So hubby and I, two people oh so close to losing it themselves, cleaned up the mess and the boy, and officially call you out, universe! Enough already! This ends now!

And if you let an already pregnant and pukey woman get this---oooohhh, I don't pity you, Universe!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

I feel like I have been just complaining lately. Things just haven't been going my way. Lately it just seems that if it can go wrong-it usually does.

So here is me finding the silver lining:

BAD: I am pregnant and need medicine to get through the day.
GOOD: My insurance is totally covering all of it--more than $2000 so far.

BAD: I feel sick all day and occasionally throw up.
GOOD: I have lost 7 pounds!

BAD: My kids keep getting sick.
GOOD: They want to lay around and do nothing all day like me.

BAD: The kids have been throwing up.
GOOD: They aren't eating so I don't have to cook for them.

BAD: The kids have been throwing up.
GOOD: (for me) They have been doing it at night when Daddy can take care of it.

BAD: The kids have been throwing up.
GOOD: The laundry is getting done more often.

BAD: The kids have been sick.
GOOD: Staying in our pjs all day has become acceptable.

BAD: I have been sick for almost two months.
GOOD: The kids expectations of me are very low. We didn't carve pumpkins--just sticker faces--and they thought it was the coolest!

Now how about that?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Name Change

I think I should change the name of my blog to "The House of Vomit."

I know I really don't need to elaborate on that, but I'm a Mom, it's my blog and what would it be without poop and vomit stories?! I mean, really!!

Do you remember how old your children were when they had their first experience with vomit?

I do.

ET was 10 months. I was in the awful morning sickness stage with Thumbelina, so lucky for me, hubby got sick too and stayed home and dealt with the majority of the puke. Not very lucky for him.

Thumbelina was 16 months and we were visiting G&G for Christmas. It happened the night before we left to drive home and continued for much of the drive home.

Well, Munchkin hit a milestone last night. The latest one so far at 21 months. But her first vomit experience was by far the worst! Again, dealing with morning sickness, I totally got out of it. Hubby was up with her every 15-30 minutes all night long. But he left for work at 5:30 and she wasn't done just yet. She had nothing at all left in her system so it was pretty much just heaving. I just hate the look you get-like 'what on earth is going on and why aren't you fixing it?!'

I am totally blaming this on nursey!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's There--Whenever You Need It

If you have basic television (or quite possibly even basic cable) you know what the listing is like at 3:30am. It is simply one infomercial after another. On every channel. Now if you are in the market for a Magic Bullet or a Sushi Master, your opportune viewing time would be 3:30 am.

But if you have more than the basics, you have access to all types of shows, at all hours.

Suppose you have a child who vomits all over the place at 3:30 in the morning, barely missing her sister's bed, and you need to occupy said sister until the mess is cleaned up--by your not-pregnant husband, of course.

What's a girl to do? Before, we would have to find a movie for the child to watch. But that involves finding the movie case, remembering how to operate the DVD player in your overly tired state, and hoping that movie was one your child would watch.

But last night...just one push of a button and Munchkin was entertained by Lazy Town for the 20 minutes it took hubby to clean the mess and bathe Thumbelina.

Unfortunately, after dealing with that much vomit, neither hubby nor I were ready to go back to sleep. So I would also like to thank USA for airing Law and Order at 4am.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Getting it Together

October is half over. Halloween is 14 days away.

I finally "decorated" yesterday. Do you want to see my pathetic I-am-pregnant-and-don't-care decorating?

I know it's like a professional came in and did it all up right!

Munchkin has a costume, ET has a costume, and Thumbelina has all the materials for a costume. I am pretty sure I am going to be a pregnant woman for Halloween, and hubby will be a full time student with a full time job and three kids and a pregnant wife--so his costume will simply consist of eye bags, and mine will consist of a puke bucket. I know--you wish you could be that creative.

Now, hubby is home for Fall break and I have several yards of green fabric and tulle to wrangle.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here I Sit

The kids have eaten dinner. A healthy, nutritious dinner. You know, not corn dogs or chicken nuggets. All thanks to a great friend. She called this morning and this was our conversation:

Her: Hi. I just found out you were pregnant.
ME: Oh. (Realizing that I haven't really told anyone mainly because I have been laying on my couch since I got sick.)
Her: And I just found out that you are still really sick with it.
ME: Oh. (I know, I am a great conversationalist--just ask my couch.)
Her: So I am bringing dinner.

How great is that?!

(Mind you this is also the person who, during the last round of babies (I am the person who coordinates meals for the newborn families) when I was on my 2nd round of the ward list to find one last dinner, called to tell me she had made a double batch of dinner and did I know someone who could use it?!)

So the children are fed and are running around the house screaming--but not fighting, so here I sit.

My laundry pile ate my couch weeks ago (thank goodness we have three couches) and is flowing onto the floor. But the pile of dirty laundry is almost down to just the hamper, so here I sit.

My brother did my dishes, so here I sit.

I have a lot to be thankful for:

The phone bill that we forgot to pay on the first of the month but they didn't turn off our phone, or give us any late charges--sorry Qwest, I paid it today.

The dinners that I don't have to worry about because my neighbors and friends and most of all fantastic hubby take care of. And thank you for the disposable containers you send the food in!

The taxi service for ET to and from school, so that I only have to take him 2 days.

All the great comments I get on my blog from friends, family and internet friends. They really boost my spirits.

And the people who are buying things from my shop, (even though I haven't done anything since I have been sick) and giving me money for maternity clothes.

The great Halloween stuff from hubby's mom so I don't feel so bad about not decorating, or ever finishing Munchkin's pjs.

My friend (who for legal reasons shall remain nameless) who heard I was out of drugs and brought over her leftovers. And to her husband for helping hubby give me a blessing reassuring me I wouldn't die from the morning sickness.

All the offers from others to let my kids play at their houses. I haven't taken any of them up on it because I am a little embarrassed that my kids stay in their pjs most days.

Hubby taking care of Karate lessons and even taking Munchkin with him so I can get a break.

My brother entertaining my children. (My brother is also getting a lesson in what to expect when you live with a pregnant woman--his future wife--you're welcome!)

My fantastic sister-in-law, who sacrificed her fall break to drive down here and give the cousins a chance to play, and me and hubby a chance to get out of the house!

My sister who calls at least every other day to make sure I am not dead, and who is always willing to carry on a conversation with any of my children--even Munchkin whose conversations consist of a lot of "yeah", "uhhhh" and nodding.

Basically I have a lot of people taking care of my family and well-being so I can sit here (and lay on the couch) and not throw up. And to all of you--I owe you a big huge thank you. I am so incredibly blessed to have such great people in my life. Thank you for taking up the I am going to lay down.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


ET is officially a big kid. With real live school pictures and everything. How handsome is this boy of mine?!! He is so grown up. He knew how to sound out words before he started school, but being in school has given him more confidence in sounding them out. At least once a day, I will hear him sounding a word out right, but saying it wrong. So, the phrase, "That's just how they decided to spell it," is a very common one in our house.
He is so excited about Halloween this year. I am so glad that we already bought his costume, and bought it big. The pj pants I made him at the beginning of the summer are almost too short. We got all the kids halloween shirts at the store today. That with all the great Halloween stuff from Grandma and we are all set for Halloween. (Thanks for the decorations, too Rhonda. I just don't have the energy to deal with finding our and putting them up. They are super cute!)
I even bought a huge bag of hard candy that is really helping to settle my stomach but will most certainly rot my teeth! Thank you for all the nice thoughts and comments (and for dinner Marenda--it was fantastic!) I really don't hate my baby. I just hate being sick all the time! But the mother of a kid in ET's class has offered to take him to school and pick him up three days a week, so that will really help out! Thank you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's a Pregnant Woman's Blog...

Without an ultrasound picture of the little parasite.

They also added 5 days to my sentence--I mean due date. But everything else was great.

Things a Pregnant Woman Should NOT Have to Deal With

1. Pink Eye
2. Diarrhea
3. Upset Stomachs
And that is just so far this morning. YAY US!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Down to One (and a bit)

This weekend I lost two of my children. That's right. So now I only have 1 child...and the bitty one making me sick.

ET got upset with me when I was short with him when he came begging for food. But seriously--they will eat a meal and then 15 minutes later ask for a snack.

So he told me that he wasn't going to be my son anymore.

Then, while he was in Thumbelina's room sulking, they had a talk.

Thumbelina then told me that she wasn't going to be my daughter anymore.

I told her that was fine with me because since she wasn't my daughter anymore, I didn't have to feed her, or get her drinks, or let her print on my computer, or buy her toys, or any of those kinds of things. I made sure to mention that Munchkin would still be getting all of that stuff because she was still my daughter.

She said, "Well, I can still be your daughter if you let me print on your computer."

I'm still not convinced that's a fair trade.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School of Hard Knocks, Lesson # 142

Munchkin dropped a TV on her head today.

Hubby was watching the kids while I was at the OB, and I came home to blood and bandages--but a happy baby. I love that we are still in the 'bandaids make everything better' stage.

She has scrapes that go from her hairline to her jaw. I'm pretty sure she will have a great shiner later.

The crazy thing is that TV has been rigged like that for over 2 years, and it has never fallen until this week, where they pulled it down twice!