Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Universe,


It's not bad enough that you saddled the pregnant woman with a lifetime of puking in two months, but you had to come after my baby and my daughter?

Then you took out my husband?! SERIOUSLY?!???!

And now my firstborn?!!!


I had this great post in my head yesterday about how we were finally done with all the vomit. Then hubby called from work. Apparently he and a garbage can had a fight and the garbage can stole all his lunch.

Still, I was prepared to look past this latest offense in light of the funny stories of Thumbelina cheating at all the school carnival games. I would have moved past the vomit and posted about that. Really I would have.

Then I was awakened at 3 am by the moans of my son and the horrifying sound of vomit hitting bare floor. I tore out of bed yelling (in my I-have-had-a-sore-throat-for-4-days-and-can't-talk-voice), "Don't move! Stay where you are!!" Poor kid was 6 inches from the garbage can and tossing his cookies all over my kitchen floor and dirty laundry pile. (If that doesn't get the laundry done tomorrow I don't know what else will!)

So hubby and I, two people oh so close to losing it themselves, cleaned up the mess and the boy, and officially call you out, universe! Enough already! This ends now!

And if you let an already pregnant and pukey woman get this---oooohhh, I don't pity you, Universe!


Thelissa said...

I love that you were yelling "stay where you are!" It's the sign of a seasoned mother who has been through this before! I myself have yelled that a time or two. Either that or "run, run, run" depending on if they are on carpet or not!:)Hang in there!

lauralquinton said...

I'm SO sorry!! There is nothing worse than puke EVER. And to be feeling nauseated 24/7 and have others puking isn't the best either. (I have an awesome gag reflex). Hopefully it only lasts 24 hours. :(

The Rose Family said...

Sorry about the puke fairy visiting your house. I hear that she's a beotch! Anyway- I'm watching Dr 90210 and there's a female-to-male surgery case-- so I'm going to puke too. Feel better.
PS_- I'd just like to say I don't hate transgender individuals. I just don't want to know about the details.

Laura said...

Oh terrible for you. I guess, it can only get better?????


I can relate - I had the all-day - all pregnancy sickness - it sucks!

Shaunee said...

Oh I am so sorry. Laura is true though... it can only get better!

shauna said...

That totally sucks! Or hurls. Or whatever... I had stomach flu last Thursday and was able to pawn Zack off on my MIL until I was better. I think I effectively prevented future spreading (knock on wood!). So far,it's a tie.Universal: 2 (me and Kaleb), Belknap Family: 2 (Zack and Leah--still vomit-free).