Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

I feel like I have been just complaining lately. Things just haven't been going my way. Lately it just seems that if it can go wrong-it usually does.

So here is me finding the silver lining:

BAD: I am pregnant and need medicine to get through the day.
GOOD: My insurance is totally covering all of it--more than $2000 so far.

BAD: I feel sick all day and occasionally throw up.
GOOD: I have lost 7 pounds!

BAD: My kids keep getting sick.
GOOD: They want to lay around and do nothing all day like me.

BAD: The kids have been throwing up.
GOOD: They aren't eating so I don't have to cook for them.

BAD: The kids have been throwing up.
GOOD: (for me) They have been doing it at night when Daddy can take care of it.

BAD: The kids have been throwing up.
GOOD: The laundry is getting done more often.

BAD: The kids have been sick.
GOOD: Staying in our pjs all day has become acceptable.

BAD: I have been sick for almost two months.
GOOD: The kids expectations of me are very low. We didn't carve pumpkins--just sticker faces--and they thought it was the coolest!

Now how about that?!


Shaunee said...

Good job seeing the bright side! Funny how staying in p.j.'s can make a day feel better!

raising4boys said...

It still doesn't sound fun to me. Hope everyone feels better soon, especially pregnant mommy. But it's great you are trying to be positive. It helps!

Kristi O said...

I am like you, when life is all about vomit and dirty laundry there has to be good. For me I am constantly asking nurses questions and getting wrong answers. But I still laugh.

Diana said...

You are so awsome for staying positive. I was glad to see that you could make it to the carnival. You are looking great for feeling so bad.