Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School of Hard Knocks, Lesson # 142

Munchkin dropped a TV on her head today.

Hubby was watching the kids while I was at the OB, and I came home to blood and bandages--but a happy baby. I love that we are still in the 'bandaids make everything better' stage.

She has scrapes that go from her hairline to her jaw. I'm pretty sure she will have a great shiner later.

The crazy thing is that TV has been rigged like that for over 2 years, and it has never fallen until this week, where they pulled it down twice!


Thelissa said...

Poor baby! Hope she is ok!

lauralquinton said...

Ouch!! How was the ob appointment?

Laura said...

Oye!!!! Poor little thing!


Shaunee said...

Good to know she is o.k.!! That's scary!

Gustogirl said...

Ouch, that looks like a big owie! Hope all went well at the appointment!

Spencer said...

Tell the truth! You just need to quit beating your kids!

I hope she is ok