Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here I Sit

The kids have eaten dinner. A healthy, nutritious dinner. You know, not corn dogs or chicken nuggets. All thanks to a great friend. She called this morning and this was our conversation:

Her: Hi. I just found out you were pregnant.
ME: Oh. (Realizing that I haven't really told anyone mainly because I have been laying on my couch since I got sick.)
Her: And I just found out that you are still really sick with it.
ME: Oh. (I know, I am a great conversationalist--just ask my couch.)
Her: So I am bringing dinner.

How great is that?!

(Mind you this is also the person who, during the last round of babies (I am the person who coordinates meals for the newborn families) when I was on my 2nd round of the ward list to find one last dinner, called to tell me she had made a double batch of dinner and did I know someone who could use it?!)

So the children are fed and are running around the house screaming--but not fighting, so here I sit.

My laundry pile ate my couch weeks ago (thank goodness we have three couches) and is flowing onto the floor. But the pile of dirty laundry is almost down to just the hamper, so here I sit.

My brother did my dishes, so here I sit.

I have a lot to be thankful for:

The phone bill that we forgot to pay on the first of the month but they didn't turn off our phone, or give us any late charges--sorry Qwest, I paid it today.

The dinners that I don't have to worry about because my neighbors and friends and most of all fantastic hubby take care of. And thank you for the disposable containers you send the food in!

The taxi service for ET to and from school, so that I only have to take him 2 days.

All the great comments I get on my blog from friends, family and internet friends. They really boost my spirits.

And the people who are buying things from my shop, (even though I haven't done anything since I have been sick) and giving me money for maternity clothes.

The great Halloween stuff from hubby's mom so I don't feel so bad about not decorating, or ever finishing Munchkin's pjs.

My friend (who for legal reasons shall remain nameless) who heard I was out of drugs and brought over her leftovers. And to her husband for helping hubby give me a blessing reassuring me I wouldn't die from the morning sickness.

All the offers from others to let my kids play at their houses. I haven't taken any of them up on it because I am a little embarrassed that my kids stay in their pjs most days.

Hubby taking care of Karate lessons and even taking Munchkin with him so I can get a break.

My brother entertaining my children. (My brother is also getting a lesson in what to expect when you live with a pregnant woman--his future wife--you're welcome!)

My fantastic sister-in-law, who sacrificed her fall break to drive down here and give the cousins a chance to play, and me and hubby a chance to get out of the house!

My sister who calls at least every other day to make sure I am not dead, and who is always willing to carry on a conversation with any of my children--even Munchkin whose conversations consist of a lot of "yeah", "uhhhh" and nodding.

Basically I have a lot of people taking care of my family and well-being so I can sit here (and lay on the couch) and not throw up. And to all of you--I owe you a big huge thank you. I am so incredibly blessed to have such great people in my life. Thank you for taking up the I am going to lay down.


The Rose Family said...

That's so nice that Becky calls you to check up on your status every other day. I should be a better sister and call sometimes. Today I has a monster headache (from the sun shining directly into my "shorty-so-the-visor-does-nothing" eyes, so I had to focus on the road (what little of it I actually saw). Hope your not puking too much. That isn't fun-- unless you're practicing for the bulimia Olympics-- I give you the GOLD!

The Rose Family said...

I mean "hope you're not puking too much". I know how to type English very goodly!

Anonymous said...

If you lived by me, I would bring you dinner at least once a week and fold your laundry...while I make my kids fold mine! :) Lucky you to have such wonderful friends and family.

Shaunee said...

You know if I still lived next door your #1, #2 and probably #3 would be over! I'm happy to take them, p.j.'s or not!

Gustogirl said...

I'm glad you have such a great support system!! With 3 kids and killer morning sickness, you need it!! Hope it subsides soon!!

Laura said...

So glad you have a wonderful support system around you. It is sooo tough to be sick. All three of my pregancnies were brutal, so I can relate to your state.

Take your meds and rest as much as you can.


shauna said...

I'm so glad you have people taking such good care of you. And *yeh* friend who brought you dinner. There's someone in our ward like that who just randomly hears stuff and brings people dinner. Love that! Take care, Erin, and feel better soon.

Jeremy and Becky said...

I hope that you know that I would be more than happy to come and help out whenever you need me. I tried calling you three times today and didn't get ya, but you have my number and I will do whatever you ask! I love you so much!


Rhonda Barnes said...

Erin I am so sorry you are that sick....I remember those days. I sure wish we were closer I would be over right now! I hope you get over it very soon!! love Rhonda