Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Getting it Together

October is half over. Halloween is 14 days away.

I finally "decorated" yesterday. Do you want to see my pathetic I-am-pregnant-and-don't-care decorating?

I know it's like a professional came in and did it all up right!

Munchkin has a costume, ET has a costume, and Thumbelina has all the materials for a costume. I am pretty sure I am going to be a pregnant woman for Halloween, and hubby will be a full time student with a full time job and three kids and a pregnant wife--so his costume will simply consist of eye bags, and mine will consist of a puke bucket. I know--you wish you could be that creative.

Now, hubby is home for Fall break and I have several yards of green fabric and tulle to wrangle.


1 comment:

raising4boys said...

Everything looks cute to me! I love your yard and the collage you made with all the pictures. Cute Cute Cute :)