Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Can't Believe I Have a 9 Year Old

One who loves pink and doesn't want his hair cut. But one that is a super helper and very sweet.
The birthday celebrations were not documented (at all) since we are slacker parents. But he did get a small friend party-3 friends and all I had to do was provide pizza, candy and slime. They took care of the rest. You know, with wrestling and video games. He got a ton of presents from us--about half of them before his birthday. (I love after Christmas clearance sales!!) Boring things like a new coat, okay things like a new karate sweatshirt, and fun things like a new scooter and a pogo stick. Plus an ipod, headphones, books and pink ties and shirts. He is so responsible sometimes. He's saving his money for an ipod touch. 9 is different than whe I was growing up. Love you kid!

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Beth ( said...

THanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog =-) I got the clipart from MY Graffico as Seuss clipart. Since then they emailed and let us know Dr. Seuss had contacted them that they were not allowed to see it as "Dr. Seuss" or "Cat in Hat" which is why I changed mine to Seussical =-) I looked for the clipart and couldn't find it either. Sorry! You might try again later to see if they reuploaded it under a different name.
Beth =-)