Saturday, July 31, 2010

Party Time!

We have been to more wedding receptions/open houses this summer than most of our married life. (Well, I guess if you don't count siblings.) The kids get all excited for a party! So we put on party clothes and fix their hair up nice...and hubby and I hope that the cuteness of the kids will overshadow the exhaustion of their parents!

We went to an Owls game last week, where Munchkin met her new best friend. And that best friend's son got married yesterday. So Munchkin got to see her best friend again. She was so excited. It was a great reception. Good people, good food. I mean really---they had ice cream sundaes for everyone!

The kids had a blast. Munchkin hung out with Kim, Thumbelina watched the wedding video, the Boy ate and ate, and Squirt just wanted to walk around--so hubby had to stroll her. The boy wanted to wear one of hubby's ties so he dressed all up. We get to party again tonight. I love parties--I don't have to make dinner!!!

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