Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy Unprepared

The boy has had a loose tooth for a few weeks. I kept telling hubby we should just get something so we'd already have his prize when his tooth finally fell out. But we kept forgetting. Then, yesterday, he asked me to pull his tooth out. A bit of thread and a couple of tugs and he had a tooth to put in the tooth fairy pillow.

The only problem with this? Yesterday was the observed Independence holiday. Stores closed all over! So hubby went to the gas station and came home with a bunch of candy. (pretty ridiculous if you think about it!)

Good thing the 'Tooth Fairy' left a note reminding him to keep up his oral hygiene and to share!

He is always so excited to hear from the Tooth Fairy.

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The Rose Family said...

hey I tried to call you this afternoon. If you talk to our parents, tell them we're alive. i don't know that they check my blog.