Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Step At A Time

I am plowing through my craft room. Trying to finish up projects that were started many moons ago. So far, I have finished 3 shirts for Squirt, two skirts for Thumbelina, a shirt for Thumbelina, and a bag for the Boy. Mind you, the only thing I made from scratch was the bag. All the other stuff were just refashions. You know, rompers that don't fit Squirt anymore become shirts; shirts that are too short for Thumbelina get extra length added. Recently we gave away all of our old boy clothes. But I went through them first and asked Thumbelina if she would wear any of the more neutral things. So from that, I have pink ruffles to add to a gray sweatshirt, and tan shorts that need the legs brought in and an applique added. And she is sooooo excited about it.

Anyway, since boy clothes are so much harder than girls, the Boy mostly gets bags. Here is a bag for his library books.

With a request for another bag to hold his scriptures---"but not with batman on the front because that's not appropriate for church."

Apparently some of the teaching is sinking in.

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