Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Would Summer Be Without Water?

This is such a Munchkin look. Someone took her turn.
The boy is fearless. He even managed a couple times standing up.
Thumbelina did great too. The first few times of the summer, she always gingerly walks down it a few times before she gets the hang of it.
Munchkin didn't get very many turns with so many other bigger kids but she totally went for it.
My sister bought the kids a Slip N Slide for Christmas a few years ago and it was great. (What a cruel joke giving a summer toy in December--I had to hide it for a few months.) But last summer, it got ripped up by our totally even and level yard, and no where to safely store it. So YAY for Memorial Day sales! And the kids love it. We have water every day--alternating between the sprinkler and slip n slide with one pool day a week. Hopefully, once the kids know how to not die in the real pool, we can go there instead!

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