Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swim Lessons

The girls have been doing swim lessons.

Munchkin was in a class of 5 with 2 teachers. She didn't pass. She is still afraid to put her face in the water and terrified of the deep end. So she will be repeating it come Monday.

Thumbelina started in a class of 4, which dwindled to 2. But this whole week she has been the only one in class. She passed with flying colors. So she is taking this next session off while ET does the class she just finished. Then, next session, they will be in the same class.

Hopefully Munchkin can get over her fears.


Spencer said...

It's a good thing that she doesn't have evil older siblings that will throw her in the deep end.

Shaunee said...

Zac didn't pass either! He is afraid to put his head under water and gets really mad if you splash in his eyes! Syd was terrified of the water until this year. I'm sure with practice they just get better and better!