Thursday, June 17, 2010

The BIG Snip

Hubby goes in tomorrow for the big snip...aka his vasectomy. Try explaining that to your children. I started with, "We are done having babies so Daddy is having a surgery that makes it so we don't have any more babies."

ET: But I want a brother.

(Ain't gonna happen.)

Thumbelina: Surgery? Like they're going to cut him?

(It ain't called the big snip for nothing!)

Munchkin: What's surgery?

Then, tonight, we had whispered conversations about where exactly they are going to cut him.

ET: Where are the tubes they are going to cut?

Me: On his boy parts.

Thumbelina: (whispered) on his butt or his pe*nis?

Me: Everyone has a butt so that's not a boy part.

Consider this your fair warning if my children come and play at your house.


Shaunee said...

I am laughing HYStErICALLY!! That is too funny. Best wishes to Jason... Cam won't even discuss it!

Diana said...

Korey had that done right after Parker was born. Do not let Jason milk it. I think if I gave birth to the kids the least he could do is suffer for a couple of days:) Tell Jason Good Luck!

The Rose Family said...

OK-- I thought that your last post was going to be about the BIG snip. Jack and I send our condolences. Your conversations are hilarious! GOodluck-- lots of ice packs and icecream. I don't know what the icecream is for, but it helps, I'm told.

Alisa said...

Oh that is funny!

Becky said...

Best of luck. You have darling children, and make sure that Hubbz gets as much rest as possible. He is going to be s.o.r.e!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You made my day. XO to Jason. I hope he's not hurting in his boy parts too much! Kim C