Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Week One

Girls Night...In. Hubby took the boy camping so we had a toe-nail-painting-Tinkerbell-watching-party wherein we all slept in the playroom---even Squirt!
My girls have such squishy toes that I had to hold them apart while they dried.
But now we all have hot pink sparkly toes
Thumbelina requested Cinderella hair for church to go with her cinderella dress. And dangly earrings to match.
Munchkin got a new food set for her playhouse, complete with oven mitt. Then I found her play oven mitt in the drawer in the kitchen.
Squirt is recruiting for a new rocker gang...must have rocker, willing to ride.
And sleeping it off after church.
I caught her wiping the wall with a dryer sheet. We teach 'em young here!
Swim lessons commenced. New goggles required.
Moving on up in Karate. Now he's a green belt, which I think means he gets to help teach other classes. He is learning a lot and is so focused in class.
All in all not a bad week. I just need to be better about getting chores done in the morning when we don't do anything anyway.

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Shaunee said...

Fun week! You guys look like you've got a lot going on. Have a great summer!