Saturday, December 27, 2008


We were going to travel to my parents house after Christmas for the weekend. You see, they only live 5 hours away now instead of 11. On Christmas Eve, the weather was foreboding and calling for buckets of snow. Add that to the colds that all of our kids have and a still-morning-sick pregnant woman, and we were more than a little wishy-washy in our decision.

So on Christmas Eve, we decided that we weren't going to go. The prospect of days with nothing to do stretched before us.

Then last night, our decision was validated. Big time.

Puke-fest has begun again.

You're welcome, Mom.

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Mikaela said...

Oh man, you are dealing with so much right now. What a pain in the you know where...(I'd say ass, but I might offend a few readers!) I guess good you didn't go to your parents afterall...but still, crappy reason NOT to go!