Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year

I know we kind of skipped over Christmas so here is a pic of the playhouse that I made for the kids. Most of the stuff is just hot glued on because I was so tired and my back hurt so bad by this time.

The kitchen sink:


The fridge that will get sewn onto the wall with pockets sometime:

The windows (and the door that was covered in chocolate after about 30 minutes!)

Here is Munchkin washing her hands in the sink:

The kids favorite thing about the playhouse is shooting guns out the windows. I really didn't think this all the way through because when they use the playhouse, I lose my dining room table. So hubby is going to build a PVC frame for it so they can take it in the playroom. I am pretty sure it will fit over the picnic table, too... once the snow melts.

We kept it pretty low key this year with not a lot of presents. The most coveted present is definitely the Lambie blanket I got from Jen and Adam. It is super soft and the kids have been taking turns sleeping with it. It even already got puked on! (I am soooo glad it is washable!)

We are getting the kids a trampoline this spring. So we included an IOU from Santa for it. We would get it now but Munchkin can barely walk in the backyard with all the snow. She has to follow tracks or she gets stuck. So, since we don't want to dig it into the ground, we are getting one with a net and a ladder.

We are starting a new tradition this year. Instead of new PJs on Christmas Eve, we are doing them today-New Years Eve, and letting the kids stay up late in their new jammas. We went shopping this morning for them. I told the kids that they could put them on after they ate lunch because they were so excited about it. So they each ate about half a piece of pizza and a cup of juice so they could get into their jammas. They each picked their own:

We'll see how late they make it--seeing how last night, ET asked me to tuck him in at 7:20pm. Maybe we'll just celebrate at dinner...


lauralquinton said...

that's a great idea with the pj's. something totally different and special. I might have to steal that one from you. LOL. Glad your Christmas went over well. Ours was pretty quiet this year too. I wonder if it's just beause the kids are growing up. Who knows. Anyway, ttyl, L

Thelissa said...

Very cool playhouse!

Denise said...

WOW!! That play house is AMAZING!!! You are incredibily talented.:) Love ya denise, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun and creative! I have to admit, after reading one of your former posts, I realized it has been years since I've given the kids a handmade gift! So I did this year! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

jen said...

Awesome playhouse!! I'm glad the lambie blanket is getting lots of use!! great idea with for celebrating new long did they stay up by the way?