Monday, December 22, 2008

One Down

I finished one of the kids big presents today. (That gives me two days to work on the playhouse!) I needed the living room to work on it so I banished the kids to the playroom and bribed them with popcorn, candy and cereal to stay there. But I am done!
It is a 7.5 foot indoor/outdoor hopscotch mat. We are trying to focus on active and imaginative play with our Christmas presents. So I just have to sew some bug beanbags and a ribbon to tie it up with and this is done. Thankfully hubby should be home most of the day tomorrow to corral the children so I can work on the playhouse.


Thelissa said...

You make the greatest things!

Shaunee said...

Very, very cute! What a great idea!

Laura said... it! Love it totally!

The Sweet Escape said...

So fun and creative. All this when you're not feeling too great. We should just call you Super Santa!