Sunday, December 14, 2008


Some sewing projects can be done on auto-pilot. But everything I have been sewing lately has required thought and concentration. Like the bean bag that I sewed 3 sides on without putting any tags in. Or just this morning--Thumbelina's Christmas dress is too short, but the store was out of the next size up. So I was just going to add some trim on the bottom. I figured out how to do it...and then sewed in onto Munchkin's dress! AHHHHH!!! So I am trying to figure out if I just want to squeeze Thumbelina into the 3T dress or sew more trim on the bottom of the 4T.


Shaunee said...

Ohhh, I'm sorry! Sometimes I have those days where nothing seems to go right and you just keep making mistakes. Hope it gets better!

Anonymous said...

Your sister says it your birthday. Hope it's happy!

BTW - I'm just impressed that you can sew - who cares if it is the wrong thing!! Wow!