Thursday, December 25, 2008

Better Stop Thinking Blue

We are having a girl. I am still getting used to it because I was really thinking it would be a boy. So here is my list of pros and cons.

We don't get to use all of those cute baby boy clothes that ET grew out of so fast.
ET doesn't get a brother to play with.
I will have to do three heads of hair every day!
We have to figure out a girl name.
Three weddings to pay for.

My babies are bald for the first year (and then some) so no hair to do.
We already have a lot of girl clothes, less the jeans Munchkin is thrashing.
Girls are easier to potty train.
We have a million carebears so plenty to share!
Girl clothes are so much cuter than boy clothes.
Most of the girl clothes are still out so less hunting and sorting.
Lots of girl cousins around the same age.
Two older sisters to show her the ropes.
There are more girl names than boy names that we like.
I can finally get rid of all those boy clothes I have been holding onto for almost 6 years.
ET doesn't have to share "guy time" with Dad.
Lots more snuggling and random hugging.
Lots of other people are having boys and will need someone to marry them off to.

So bring on the pink...again. Or still. I think I am okay with it just for the potty training!

Maybe this one will have hair.

Yeah right!


thekirnancrib said...

yay for girls!!! congrats!

Shaunee said...

Congrats! I am getting rid of most of my girl clothes, if you are looking for some things. Just let me know!

Anonymous said...

And, you will only have one daughter-in-law instead of two! ;)

lauralquinton said...

I'm happy you're having another girl. I'd be happy if you were having a boy too. If we were to have a 4th child, which we're not, but those babies that could have been I was hoping that they would have been girls. I even had the name picked out and everything. But things don't always work out the way we plan. But I have the same pro con list as you. Aaron really wanted a brother so bad. He's finally stopped asking. So we've started getting rid of his stuff too. (by the time the clothes run through abbie, they're not in the best of shape anymore. lol) Anyway, congrats!