Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting Good At Lying

Santa comes down the chimney. Everyone knows that.

But how do you answer when you are asked how the tooth fairy and easter bunny get in?

Me? I am just putting everything on magic!

He asks, I answer with, "Magic!"

How big is the tooth fairy?

Why, however big you think she is.

Why does she take the teeth and make necklaces out of them? (That came from some book we read when his first tooth started getting loose.)

Every girl wants to be pretty and wear necklaces! Some people like jewels and others like teeth.

Will she bring me a present?

Of course she will! (because that's how we roll in this house--even if it meant another trip in holiday traffic with all the loonies--UGH!)

So I bring you our one tooth wonder and his new tub of clay. (which they started playing with at 6 am this morning!)

And...this whole magic thing just backfired on me. He said the tooth fairy would probably bring him a RC racecar for his other tooth. I told him that the tooth fairy had a budget of about $5 a tooth. To which he replied, "But she's magic--she can do anything!"

I am gonna have to rethink this before Easter.

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Natalie B. said...

Eli looks go big. He is growing up so fast. Merry Christmas!