Monday, December 8, 2008


Munchkin is advanced for her age. She can (and does) dress (and undress) herself on a regular basis. That basis being at least 3 times a day! She puts on shoes by herself. She can undo zippers and snaps.

But her most recent acheivement has been the removal of her diaper. And the first time she did it? Why when she was being babysat by our friends who have three little boys.

Buck naked three times in less than three hours!

Once again before church on Sunday, once in Nursery (thankfully she left her diaper on for this one), and again right before bed Sunday night.

And she is fast, too. Not once have I caught her in the middle of undressing. Fully clothed or naked seem to be her two settings.

At this rate, potty training in June should be a piece of cake...well, the dressing part anyway.

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Laura said...

OK - my 22 month old Diva Princess is doing the same thing - and it is driving me crazy...what can we do????