Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Am Officially Crafted OUT!

I have been crafting all week. For some reason my little shop seems to be popular right now. I mailed out 5 orders this morning, and have 4 more to finish. Don't get me wrong-the money is nice--but my already sore pregnant back is screaming at me for sitting hunched over my sewing machine for so long.

Then there are all of the (handmade) presents for family. I (with "help" from the children) made presents for all the cousins, and I really had fun doing it. They all turned out really cute. And I am finally done!

Now I just have to make all the stuff for my kids. But I can only work on them during naptime and after bedtime. My plan is to make them a playhouse that will fit over our dining room table, among other things. I want to sew things on the inside for them to play with--you know typical house things. ...but it is very likely that the kids will wake up Christmas morning to find me under the table with a hot glue gun.

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lauralquinton said...

you are SO talented and I am SO jealous!! hope you guys are doing good and I'm looking forward to the ultrasound results!!