Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Truly Inspired

There is a woman. She married a man. She loves this man with her whole being. And he loves her back just as much. She gets excited about the things he is excited about. He cuts her hair...and she loves it. She cooks his favorite meals. He brings her flowers. He buys her shoes. She has a gun. He is a cowboy. They write each other loves notes. They don't eat meat.

They have 4 beautiful children. She makes bread from scratch, but he makes breakfast. She loves being a mother. She loves cooking. She locks her children outside on occasion. On other occasions, she lets them play in the toilet. She also lets them paint with apples and potatoes.

This woman is an inspiration. I am trying to be more like her. Well, a meat-eating version of her. You see, she is not perfect. She does not have angels for children. She has hung up on her husband. But she loves her life. She loves being a wife and a mother. She has hard days, but as her sister said, (paraphrasing) "She focused on the positive, and in return she got more positive."

If you aren't familiar with this amazing woman, might I suggest starting with her essays on Motherhood, A Mother Heart.

And pray that she will be able to do what she loves again soon.

"I believe motherhood is beautiful living at its best. Being a mother is preparing a safe haven for my children by enriching all aspects of their lives in the home together and keeping a loving relationship with my husband...I love to help inspire women become motivated wives and confident mothers." Stephanie Nielson from the Blissful Living Studio Website

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shauna said...

I am such a Nienie fan, and only since I heard about their accident. But I've poured over her blog and am truly inspired by how positive she is. all. the. time. I'm certain that this is what will carry her through this difficulty.

I'm so glad you posted this. It's a beautiful tribute.