Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

Today is Regional Conference. Instead of 1 pm church, it is a 10 am meeting. Today gave me great hope for when we switch to 9 am church. You see, when your kids wake up at 6:30 am, it is not hard to have everyone bathed and ready by 10.

I just sent hubby off with the two older children to basically a 2 hour sacrament meeting. With two bags full of books, superhero stickers, princess dolls, paper and brand new markers, and snacks. Munchkin and I are homebound today. About a month ago, she gave me a cold. When that went away, we both had allergy symptoms for about 3 weeks before the second cold hit.

So she and I are just going to hang out, and make lunch.

Here are some pictures from earlier. Hubby cut ET's hair this morning and Munchkin couldn't resist the open back door.

Bird Hunting

A little tummy swinging
A cheek kiss for Mom
Then the older kids saw a cat sneaking up on the bird they went outside yelling and screaming. So a little bit of cat hunting as well.
Have a great Sunday!


Thelissa said...

I love that bird hunting involves a bat. Cracks me up!

Rhonda Barnes said...

What a hunt! She can come over and hunt for those pestie squirrels. Love the kids give them a hug for me! Grandma Barnes xxxooxoxoxoxo

shauna said...

what cute pictures! I love that dress, by the way. Leah has one like it (thanks, grandma barnes) and it's just so festive.