Monday, September 15, 2008


Do your children fight over everything? Mine do.

We had those cheap plastic plates and bowls and cups. I bought them before the munchkin was born (or old enough to use them) so I just bought two of every color. I also was a sucker for the holiday plastic cups that were 5 for $1. We had Valentines and Halloween. We were now color coordinated: yellow, blue, green and pink.

We were also now at war.

"I wanted the blue cup!"
"She got the pink one last time!"
"I picked that bat cup!"

And on and on.

Finally, I snapped. I spent most of a Saturday, went to 5 different stores and came home victorious!

We now have only clear cups. We have white plates and bowls. Their lives are devoid of color...well, at least their table settings are.

If you are looking for some colorful plastic dishes for your children, might I suggest DI?


Ashley and Jeremy said...

Jeremy and I work with Jason so he told me i had to come look at your cute little page and i just wanted you to know i love it! that last story cracked me up! aren't kids so funny?!

Gustogirl said...

Man, my kids will fight about anything!!! One time they were screaming at each other over, as my daughter put, "an old rubber band". Hope the colorless plates bring a bit of peace at least during mealtimes.

lauralquinton said...

LOL. Been there done that. But good for you for getting clear ones. You know, for an enrichment we made these fabric plates. Someone went to Target and bought glass (clear) plates and then you decopage (is that how that's spelled?) fabric on the back. They are NOT dishwasher friendly, but the kids love them. Aaron has spiderman and Ky has Tinkerbell and Abbie has Pooh. Which she isn't happy about. But oh well. She was a baby when I did them. Anyway, the kids ask for them all the time and they can't fight because they each have their own. Now if I could just keep them clean more often. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Oh dear... sounds all too familiar! I'm glad you solved your problem!