Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Photo Essay

I have independent children. They can do everything themselves. Just ask them.

"Do you need help with your shirt?" No.
"Do you want me to carry that?" No.
"Do you want me to read you that book?" No, I'll read it to you.

That's why these oranges are the best thing ever. The kids can peel them all by themselves. For real.

Well, Munchkin is still in the using her teeth phase.

Baby in a filing cabinet. She had a few toys and was content.

They had a pan band this morning. And I only yelled at them once, and it wasn't even for the noise!

Then they put all the pans away. By themselves.

I think this is just minor surgery, but I haven't seen this particular Carebear all day.

The kids did an art project yesterday, and are so proud of themselves today. But they aren't quite finished so pictures tomorrow.

Have a great Monday.