Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7 AM

It still isn't fully light outside. I am tired since my son has come into my room every 15 minutes for the last hour asking if it was time to get up yet. Munchkin just got a new diaper and is ready to eat.

"Want cookie now."
"Do you want some cereal?"
"What kind of cereal do you want?"

Yep. That's about what I figured.


Thelissa said...

This sounds like the conversation I had in my head this morning! Only mine was a brownie. Hey, I'm very pregnant and get to do what I want for a few more days! :) Brownies for breakfast it is!

Laura said...

You may be in for a long day...good luck! hang in there!

Anonymous said...

So funny! There's no bad time to have cookies!!