Friday, September 5, 2008

ETSY Tutorial

I realized that some people that read my blog have no idea what ETSY is all about. So get ready to learn. This is what I know:

Etsy is like Ebay in the sense that anyone can sell anything to anyone else. The main thing with Etsy is it is for crafters. So anything you make yourself, you can sell. If you like to do Tie-Dye, you can sell it on Etsy. If you paint, take pictures, sew, make jewelry, or craft in any other way, then Etsy is for you. People make and sell everything!

There are always exceptions to the rule, though, and you can find other stuff on Etsy. There is a Vintage category for actual Vintage items. These are items that have not been altered or crafted in any way, they are just old, cool things. There is also a Supplies category. People sell all sorts of things to make all sorts of crafts. I have ordered ribbon, fabric, card making items, and hair clips from various Etsy sellers.

Now, in order to participate in Etsy, much like Ebay, you have to have an account. Now this is really just a username and password. Once you have set this up, you get your own page. You can add your favorite items and sellers, buy and sell, and give and receive feedback. Now you do not have to sell anything. You can just buy stuff. You need to take note (just like Ebay) of shipping costs and methods of payment accepted. For example, I try to only charge actual shipping. I charge about $1.50 for totes, bows and cards, $3 for balls, and $5+ for beanbag orders. Also, I only accept PayPal in my shop. Other shops accept Money Orders, RMEs (I still am not sure what these are), and credit cards. So just make sure you know before you buy.

Some of my favorite sellers and items are:

Lotta at MomOMatic: She makes jewelry and I absolutely love her stuff. She has some wild creations and some elegant ones and has recently started making children's jewelry.
BabyBejeweled: She makes and sells these awesome little budget books--you know for the cash only budget. They are just so cute!

HandPickedDaisy: She makes these awesome Visiting Teaching Kits. You know for the ones you can never get ahold of! How cute is September's?!

CreativeRooms: She cuts vinyl wall quotes. She has some of the cutest sayings--and she is one of the cutest girls I know!

Bags and More by Pam: She is the nicest lady with such crafty ideas. And she knows how to knit and crochet. And she has the cutest model:

The model brings me to my next shop--Little Lullabies. She sews Portacrib sheets--you know that actually fit! And she has started into kids aprons--also featuring her adorable daughter.

This is just some of the stuff that I am interested in. But seriously, you can find anything on Etsy. There are so many talented people out there--most of whom can sew much better than me! So if you are so inclined, buy handmade instead of mass produced.

Thank you and goodnight.