Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Etsy Items

I had a little energy over the weekend and finally got some bows finished. So if you are a BYU fan, these are for you:

Or if you happen to like Red:

Or big poufy ones:

And if you need somewhere to store them:

The small bow sets (2.25 inches) are $3 (+ shipping), the medium sets (3-3.5 inches) are $4, and the large bows (4-5 inches) (like the big red one and the pink and green one) are $3 each. So you can get the whole red set for $10. The ladybug bow holder is $12. The bow holder will hold approximately 30-40 bows. Also, the holder comes with one set of flower hair clips for free.

Now I still have all of the TAGtile balls, mini balls and footballs. I am adding bibs and more burp cloths to my baby items. So keep checking back if you are interested.


Gustogirl said...

Those bows are too cute!! I love them. If my daughter would actually let me touch her hair, I would be all over them!!

Snyder Family said...

What a great talent you have. If I had girls I would be all for them.

Anonymous said...

Cute bows! I checked out your store and I love the flower ones and the magnents. But I can't figure out how do buy. Do you do special order bows? (Meaning specific colors). Looks great!