Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Do I Love Thee...

Today, at this very moment, I love my insurance company.

Hubby went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy.

We were prepared for a $40 copay because the nurse said that some insurance companies won't even cover it because it is so expensive.

He only had to pay $5.

I looked at the drug info sheet. This particular drug costs $532.99.

For 20 pills.

Thank you insurance for not only covering it but covering it well!


Anonymous said...

That's outrageous! And yet, so wonderful it's only $5. If only my insurance would cover Ambien! :)

Laura said...

Excellent...whew, prescriptions can be "deadly".

Gustogirl said...

Isn't is great when insurance works the way it should. Or at least the way we think it should. High five on the five bucks, that would make me so happy!

jen said...

What drug was that!! You have to call and tell me. And what pharmacy by the way...I hope it is a Shopko!!