Friday, September 19, 2008

The Amazing Changing Baby

Munchkin has figured out how to change her own clothes, which results in a mostly naked baby most days. She loves to play dress up with her sister's things, but her favorite item to put on by herself is her brother's underwear.

She hasn't figured out onesies yet, but I only have about three of those. So this is her latest style...
Removing the old clothes:

The new clothes--an upside down bib and bloomers.

I am seriously considering moving her dresser into her closet.


Diana said...

Hi Erin! It is me Diana. I found your blog and wanted to say HI! How is the good old 1st ward!!! Have a great week.

Don Mills Diva said...

She is a doll!

Laura said...

Oh my! I can totally relate - Madigan is at that stage too. But she puts the boys underwear on over her clothes and my bras around her neck and then 3 or 4 shirts on!

or she gets plain naked!

Gustogirl said...