Saturday, August 16, 2008


I took ET (and Munchkin) shopping today to find ET some school clothes. The punk has grown out of his size 6 jeans, and he waited until a month before school started to do it. I am afraid to try his shoes on him because they are probably too small too. His short sleeved shirts still fit, but he will need all new long sleeved ones. So his torso and bum aren't growing, just his arms, legs and feet. And boy clothes aren't as cute as toddler clothes!

I hate shopping for school clothes.

Too many people.

Not enough carts.

Or room.

And it's only my first time!

So we will be going next week while everyone else is in school.


Christie said...

My kids grow weird like that too. I swear I'm gonna go broke trying to keep them dressed.

shauna said...

My problem is I can't find everything I need--so I have to go BACK! Argh! School shopping really is icky. But I can't believe Eli is going to school. He's going to love it (and he'll do just fine).