Monday, August 11, 2008

Sharing the Love

My kids are great. Now I think it may be a miracle that I feel this way on a Monday morning, but I really do. Oh, you would like me to back up that statement with some facts? Okay.

1. While I had to take each child out of Sacrament for a potty break, I got to sit through both Sunday School and Relief Society without any interruptions. (But I am totally sitting on the inside of the bench next week!)

2. There is a man in our ward, a great grandfatherly type of man, who loads his pockets with Smarties rolls before he comes to church. He is known simply as The Candy Man. All he requires is one high five. Now if only one of my children is lucky enough to find him, the other will kindly share the single candy roll.

3. I love laying in bed listening to the girls through the monitor in the morning. Thumbelina orchestrates everything and Munchkin repeats almost every word. And then, "Come on. Let's go find Mom." It's like my own personal wake up call.

4. For the most part, the older two include Munchkin in all of their games. Right now they are using our popsicle sticks as light sabers.

5. They are always sneaking things to any child who has the misfortune of getting sent to time out. Now while that annoys me sometimes, it is just so cute to watch. "Here's a book for you." "Do you want a pony?"

6. I woke up this morning at 7:15 with the horrible feeling that the girls were awake and I just thought of everything they would get in to. The monitor was silent, which usually means that they have long flown the coop. After I came up to check, and their door was still closed and everything was quiet, I got to go back to bed for almost 30 minutes.

7. And the top reason why my kids are great: They haven't knocked down Munchkin in over a week. They are actually watching out for her!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.

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