Saturday, August 30, 2008

Budding Photographer

Thumbelina usually wakes up first. Then, she will let herself and Munchkin out of their room into the dark house. The first thing she does is head for the computer.

I wake up to silence through the monitor and I know they've made a break for it.

Nearly everytime I download the pictures from the camera to the computer, I am greeted by pictures of this nature:

I can't even count the number of pictures of my computer/desk/floor/wall there are on my computer.
So when she asked to take the camera when we went to pick up ET from school, I said okay knowing full well the type of pictures we would get.
This is me telling her to get some shoes on. (Please note the empty laundry hamper--YAY!)
This is the carpet in her room where she went to get shoes.
This is the ceiling in her room where she went to get her shoes.
This is the wall.
This is ET's room where we store the stroller.
This is me getting the stroller.

This is the side of our house.
This is the view down our street.

Then the batteries died...which is really too bad because at the end of the block, she fell into the mud at the orchard past her ankles and nearly lost her shoes. Then we got to wander down the street trying to find a neighbor home who would let us use their hose to rinse the mud off her legs, feet and shoes.

But we were still on time picking ET up from school.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! We have that problem too! Except that last time I let Paige take pictures, she broke my camera and I haven't fixed it yet!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Too funny!! Don't you just love digital cameras?? I think in 10 years they're going to have some amazing photographers because of it!