Friday, August 8, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I have been so incredibly tired lately. I go to bed around 11 and the kids wake me up before 7. That's plenty of sleep right? Apparently not, because I am tired! This is throwing me off my game! Which makes me more tired and frustrated.

You see, Munchkin is rambunctious. She is fast as lightning when it comes to getting into stuff she is not supposed to. As I clean up one mess, she can make two more. Now I blame it on the other kids a lot because they are supposed to keep certain doors shut, and they forget. But sometimes, I think this is a game for Munchkin.

Her new favorite is playing with the salt and pepper. It involves two plates, the salt and pepper shakers, and mixing. Now sometimes she mixes with a spoon. Monday she used the broom, and Tuesday while I was gone, she used a steak knife. So you ask, how does she keep getting the salt and pepper? Well, Thumbelina and ET keep leaving the stool by the counter and Hubby keeps leaving the salt and pepper on said counter.

She does stuff that the other kids never did. You know the cupboard under the sink where you would keep cleaning products and dishwasher detergent and dish soap? I never had to move anything or lock the cupboard because the other kids were just not interested in it. ET's favorite was pulling all the VHS tapes out from under the TV, and Thumbelina's favorite was the dish rag drawer. I am not used to my child trying to poison herself by eating my Electrosol Tabs or Ajax.

Then there is the fact that everytime I leave any sort of project to do something else, she cannot resist. Whether it be a blog post, a TAGtile ball, or card making, she is right there seconds after I have vacated the seat. She loves the mouse at the computer (for future reference--a wireless mouse is not a good idea with a toddler), she loves the buttons on my sewing machine, but best of all she LOVES glue dots. I have never picked so many glue dots off of everything. And the crazy thing is she usually does the glue dots the day after I cut my nails. It's like she knows...

I don't remember it being this hard to corral a toddler with the other two. But that's probably because I didn't have so many people working against me. Before if I shut the bathroom door--it stayed shut until I opened it again. I miss that.


Thelissa said...

I think it gets harder with each toddler because the others have taught the toddler all sorts of "fun" tricks!

Anonymous said...

Ah - sounds like a third child to me! :) (and what a great child she'll be!!) My first child LOVED to play with the salt and pepper. I guess it's better than matches!