Monday, August 4, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to you! Good thing you made it to 4 and Mom didn't kill you for this:

The cake:

The presents: (and Ruby in the background.)

The big one:

And the biggest present of all--no more intricate hair styles. The only thing we can do now is variations on the puffy braid. Quick and easy---just what you wanted.

So much for being Cinderella for Halloween. Maybe we should just shoot for Tinkerbell.


jen said...

She did a pretty good job on her hair. It's looks cute! happy birthday Rory!!

shauna said...

I like Rory's hair (don't tell her I said that...).

We have a present for her. I thought we would take it to the reunion, but looks like we'll miss you there. That's okay. I'll just have to stop being lazy and mail it...

Miss you guys!