Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pow! ZAP! Bam!

ET likes Spiderman. He has the posters. He has the coloring books. He has the underwear.

But a new superhero has come into his life. He took down all the Spiderman posters. The coloring books lay untouched. The underwear is no longer his first choice.

Even his Spiderman costume is just hanging in the closet.

Now this switch isn't recent. But I though it would be fleeting.

I was wrong.

I bought his Halloween costume early.

Now he just better stop growing before he goes trick-or-treating as skin tight Batman.


Don Mills Diva said...

Oh that picture is just too much.
I am liable to die of cuteness!

lauralquinton said...

Halloween costumes are out already? Oh my!! :D But he does look super cute. Aaron is still into Spiderman. I wonder if he'll make the change to bat-boy!!

raising4boys said...

What a great costume. I want to buy more costumes like that because my boys love to dress up in them. We only have a Spiderman costume (a super hero of the past I guess ;)) that I bought AFTER Halloween one year.