Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, almost anyway. Thumbelina had her 'pretend sleepover' birthday party last night. I had gotten everything ready beforehand so it went really smoothly (thanks to the trampoline breaks in between everything!) I didn't get pictures of dinner. We had pizza (are my kids the only kids who go to town on a pizza?!) and fruit kabobs. Munchkin ignored her pizza while she loaded her skewer full cantaloupe and strawberries, ate them and repeated until the fruit was gone. It was so funny getting a glimpse into my future. Three girls sitting around the table, talking non-stop.

I also missed the shoe relay because I was inside pumping. I bought dress up shoes for all the girls and they had to run and find the match to their shoe. Apparently, the shoes only fit Munchkin and then only barely. So instead of wearing the shoes, they just had to carry them. And instead of getting to take a pair of dress-up shoes home with them, Munchkin got 5 new pairs!

Then they colored sleep masks. When they were done, they got on the trampoline and were jumping with the masks on. I ran to get the camera when they started playing catch with the masks on. It was hilarious! (There were other children at the party-but I don't have permission to put their pictures on the internet, so you will see my children and random arms, legs and backs of heads.)

Thumbelina under the table waiting for her turn to 'pin the pillow on the sleeping bag.'

Munchkin after her turn.
ET still eating.
Hubby decided to mix things up (because they were all cheating by looking out from under the masks) and make them spin around with their heads on a bat and then run and time them. It didn't work very well because they spun so slow. No one really got very dizzy.
Munchkin making bracelets.
Thumbelina and ET making bracelets.

Then we decorated cupcakes.

Munchkin kept licking off the frosting and telling hubby she needed more.

Opening presents:

And finally, the magic show. We invited the families for this. A girl in my Visiting Teaching Group offered her husband's magic skills for the party. It was amazing!

After the show, the kids went back to the trampoline, while the adults puzzled over the magic tricks.

Then, ET concluded the evening by dropping trou and 'watering' the tree. In front of everyone.



The Strickland Gang said...

I feel so bad that I totally spaced it. Must be why I have to keep the blonde hair. Aspen loves her goody bag. She carried it all night and morning long. I am so sorry looked like you guys had FUN!

Spencer said...

The party looks like fun. ET is definitely well on his way to becoming a man.

BTW are you still able to make taggy balls or is that a no go?

The Rose Family said...

Those PJ pants look vaguely familiar!!? Something about pushing and labor-- it will come to me.