Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Think I Need Some Help...

A shirt on me, becomes a dress on Munchkin. She is seriously the perfect size for all my old shirts. I am going through all my old clothes and I found a ton that I can refashion for the girls. You know, ones that always fit weird on me...a couple of snips, a few new seams and VIOLA!! They really are that easy. And you can generally use the existing neckline, and sleeve and bottom hems. These sleeves turned out a bit too big so I need to put some elastic in the ends to make them poofy.

And my first attempt at yo-yos. She loves it and has agreed to share it with her sister who will wear it as a tunic. TA-DA! (Let the fighting over clothes begin!)

Now I only have about 30 more shirts that would be so cute as something else.
Please somebody help me!
(You know, like fold my laundry so I can sew.)


Anonymous said...

Holy crap woman - you are a freakin' genius! And a darn good talented one at that!

lauralquinton said...

I don't know how you come up with all of that stuff. You are amazing!! I will fold your laundry, you just have to move up here. lol. :D great job!!

The Rose Family said...

those look awesome. Too bad that you will go topless in a few weeks after converting all of your shirts over to dresses.

Ashley and Jeremy said...

my sister recently did that too!

what a great idea