Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Some days, at any given time, one or more of my kids are doing something they shouldn't be doing. It usually ends in someone screaming and or crying.

But some days, some moments, they actually get along.

...and seem to (heaven forbid) enjoy each other.
But it is usually only two of them at any given time.


The Rose Family said...

Your daughter (the bigger one) is your little mini me. I swear it's like looking back in time. She and Ru can grown up to be just like us!

The Strickland Gang said...

Yep! Best friends or worst enemies they'll decide!

Shaunee said...

Holy cow! That is my house to a tee. I guess you really have to treasure those moments when they are getting along.

Esther said...

Same dilemma at our house! Those little glimmers of getting along are the moments we live for!