Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Last Christmas we decided to change things up a bit. We (and by that we all know it means I) made a lot of the kids gifts, they got their one Santa present and then one big family present. Our big family present we decided would be a trampoline. Because, well, I never had one growing up. So a few weeks ago (yes, I KNOW it's July) we finally got it and hubby spent hours setting it up. (Hours-not because it was hard, mind you. First he had three little "helpers", and then he kept doing things out of order so he would have to undo a lot to get everything on right.)

The kids are having a lot of fun and a lot of fights. You know how kids are.

And Munchkin is afraid to jump if the other kids are jumping. So they must sit or stand while only she jumps. And then she sits while they jump.

I probably should mention that they played almost exclusively in the boxes for the first two days.


Shaunee said...

Fun, fun! I'm holding out for one dug in the ground next year. What is it about kids and trampolines... hours of entertainment!

Anonymous said...

A trampoline is a must. It has been my saving grace when I send the kids outside. Happy day for you!! Have fun with your new found freedom in the house! :)